New York is one of the leading producers of interstate transplants in the country.  We know you’re out there, and we know there’s more of you where you live than you think.

If you’re an out of state Diehard like us, and are looking for a little more than the Center Ice package in the bowels of your fan cave, contact us to start a Meetup Chapter.  We’ll hook you in to our continuous expanding network of groups and fans, connecting you to thousands of people who want to Unite and Fight.

We’re looking for those who are willing to put themselves out there ahead of the pack and make the calls, set up the spots, and organize events to synergize the out of state fanbase.  This includes: organizing watch parties at an accessible bar or restaurant, setting up group ticket packages when the team is in town, and promoting these events on social media.

47 thoughts on “Start a Chapter

  1. Hello,

    I live in the Boston area. Do you guys have a chapter? Has there been any interest in starting one? What do you require to start one?

    Go Isles!

    – John
    Twitter: @john_e_boy

    1. Hey John, right now we have Connecticut which would be closest to Boston. Trying to keep everything manageable but Boston was on our radar. If you wanted to jump in to the fold, we could totally hook you up with the Connecticut rep for now, build you in to the plans and then set up the account for the start of next season with you as the head.

      1. Boston group is up and running! Follow them on Twitter @islesmeetup_Bos!!!

    2. Everything is super fluid, if the boys have a good push on the second half, we could expedite it and get you an account before the regular season ends. If you’re interested in that let me know

      1. Hello,
        I also think that there should be a meet up in Boston. I would definitely help as much as possible. Thanks.

        Twitter: @NYIslander27

      2. Hey Isaac! This is great news that there is support for this in an Original 6 hockey town. I’ll speak with the groups and we’ll plan it out for you two guys, DM me on Twitter @yesmenoutfitter

      3. Boston group is up and running! Follow them on Twitter @islesmeetup_Bos!!!

  2. Hey, I go to school in Boston and have plans on living here for the next couple of years. I would be more than happy to help organize a Boston chapter. I’ve spoken with other people who would be more than happy to help as well. My Twitter is @JackThury if you need to reach me.

  3. I’m excited to hear that there’s interest in starting a Boston meet up! I’d be happy to help if needed.

  4. Hey! I’m very much interested in starting a chapter here in LA, CA.

    We had a real nice group in LA, back in 2014-2015, but we lost momentum after our main organizer left town.

    I’m in touch w/ a handful of the fans, and would love to really get things going for the remainder of this ssn/playoffs, and into the future.

    Please let me know what steps we could take to get this going. Feel free to e-mail me at the address listed below.


  5. Hi guys, I messaged with Bryan (I believe) the other day. I would like to be penciled in for starting the San Diego Chapter. I currently help organize the SD Mets / 7 Line Army events out here, and am a member of the Jets Meetup Group. Just between those groups alone, I might already have access to the majority of my market haha! I understand there is an LA chapter possibly starting, and would definitely work with them in the future to orchestrate halfway-point meetups for weekend games (maybe Anaheim as a locale?). Thanks!

      1. Hi guys, I’m so sorry, I had indicated that I wanted to receive notification of comments but I never got it! @gameopsgirl

  6. I would love to be a part of or help start a South Florida chapter for those of us in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area. Any way I can get involved with this effort?

    1. We have a group in South Florida now! I hope you attend one of their meet-ups!

  7. I dont know if it’s possible but theres a lot of Navy dudes out here that are Long island transplants in Jacksonville Florida. Anyone know if there are other out here who would like to start a group?

      1. It looks like a gentleman went ahead and started @islesmeetup_JAX. I will post details once I talk with him.

      1. We have three groups in Florida at the moment: @islesmeetup_JAX, @islesmeetup_SFL, and @islesmeetup_TPA.

  8. Hi, I am very interested in starting a Brooklyn chapter! There are plenty of Isles fans in this borough and I know of several places that have embraced the Islanders during their tenure here.

    1. Hey Jon! Now that the team is going back to Brooklyn it might be the perfect time to start a Brooklyn chapter! If you are on Twitter please send a message to @islesmeetup_CLT or you can email Mike at

  9. I live in London, Ontario Canada and want to start a meetup north of the boarder. I’m as diehard as they come and love what you guys have been doing. I have 8-10 people that are interested in getting together and I’m sure there’s more in this area. London is 2hrs from Toronto, Detroit and Buffalo so we have alot of options for games next season close by. Any help would be much appreciated.



    1. Hey Bryan! The idea of having our first international group sounds amazing! Would you be able to Skype with me today so we can go over a few things? Mike

    1. Hey Dan, at the moment we already have a Connecticut chapter that has meet-ups very close to Westchester. I wouldn’t want to go into his territory.

      1. Hi Dan – please follow the Connecticut account on Twitter if you don’t already, we will be doing events in Fairfield County at some point and I want to make sure you see them. Also we are regularly in Milford if you don’t mind that drive (Milford is actually an hour from me). Thanks!

      2. I spent a lot of time in Milford CT. It’s coastal and over an hour away from most of Westchester. This area has enough fans to support a Westchester or Southern Westchester group. Long Island & Queens would be closer options than anything north of Stamford.

  10. Anything near Myrtle Beach ,SC if not would love to learn get one going. Tons of NYers in the area.

    1. Hey Billy! Would you be able to chat tomorrow? Send me a message on twitter @islesmeetup_clt or email me at

    1. Hey Jacob,

      Thanks for showing interest in starting a group in Northern California! I just followed you on Twitter and we can set up a time to talk. I would love to help you get this started!


  11. I’d be interested in joining, or creating, a SSS (Suffolk South Shore) Islanders Meetup Group. Bars between Babylon and Center Moriches would be considered and possibly rotated. Let me know how this could work. Thanks- Pete

    1. We have a group on Long Island. You can follow them on Twitter @islesmeetups

  12. Dallas/Fort Worth area…gotta be more than a handful of Isles fans down here, right? Let’s get one going down here!

  13. Let’s get something going in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! Saw plenty of Isles fans at the game in late December.

  14. Hello,

    Any chance of a chapter in Providence, RI? Boston right now is the closest to me, but it’s a bit of a drive seeing as I live in southern MA and only about 15 minutes out of Providence.


    1. That is a tough one because Providence is only 1 hour away from Boston and our Connecticut chapter has meetups all over the state. I don’t want to step on any toes.

  15. Hello
    Any interest in a westchester county group?
    I have seen a good amount of #Isles fans all over westchester and i think there are enough people to start a diehard group.

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