I’m still basking in the afterglow from last night.  The entire evening was electric.  Being the promoter I am, there’s nothing that gets me more than a good pun or alliteration.  When we came up with “Croker Takeover” I had to chuckle.  I’ve been to my fair share of raucous watch parties, but never an organized event for the Islanders.  When you plan these sort of things, theres always a little bit of  “man I hope this works” that creeps up in the back of your mind, especially when you’re competing against an NFL playoff weekend.  7:30…enter rear bar door:

Takeover?  More like scorched earth.  We planted a flag with a ferocity that the boys in Iwo Jima would tip their helmet to.  Within minutes we had every T.V. in the joint going live from St. Louis and the speakers  serenading us with Shannon and the BROADcast. @islesmeetupli has an awesome detailed blog that you can check out here with highlights and pictures.

There’s a giant difference between watching a game at a bar, and watching a game with the bar.  You’re all in it together.  You meet so many awesome people, and for those 3 hours you’re all in.  You don’t need to worry about your phone, or your work, or your annoying Ranger friend.  Everything you need at that moment is surrounding you.  When you’re rooting for a team that never quits, neither does the bar.

I feel like every night I get ready for sleep, I’m looking forward to the next diabolic plan that Meetup crew and I have hatched for the next day.  It’s absolutely wild.  We’ve got Barngate 5 coming on Tuesday v. the Cellycanes, and then Descending on the District for Barry’s return to the Barracks.  Sell out crowd, but I’m sneaking 60 diehards behind enemy lines.  Home base: Irish Channel Bar for apparel distribution and Barn Rocker straight from the motherland.  Updates to follow.


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