Game 5: Canes

As you are all well aware, Oyster Bay Brewing and I have teamed up this season to co promote our brands and give the fanbase an experience they can appreciate. Every Coliseum game this year, we have (and will continue to) set up a tailgate right at the front door of NYCB. OB brings the beers, I bring the tailgate equipment, and you guys bring the ruckus. You can’t really ask for a more ideal set up.

Each week, I’m going to share some of the conversations we have under the tent that I think worthy enough to bring to the inter web. People dropping by and dropping their 2 cents center ice is awesome. Community building stuff. Plus it’s fun to try and secretly guess what combo of podcasts they’re listening too based off their takes.

Sanger Send Down

Obviously biggest news of the night was the last minute Ho-Sang send down. I want to say I saw it coming being that life’s been too good to me since Christmas and I dropped a Ho-Sang shirt with great promise 4 days prior (I’m still selling this fire). But I’m an honest man of great integrity, so I have to tell you this one was a head scratcher. Obviously it was a let down to most of the crew that came through, and my everyone’s response was “I’ll follow Lou and Bar wherever they lead me”. And I’ll honestly subscribe to that right now given their current success, but the Isles anxiety in you can’t help but think that maybe this is the first sign of Lou’s hesitation to adapt to today’s young hockey player. A lot of people thinking the call up was a trade piece showcase, can’t rule that out either. We’ll see what happens. Eye test felt like he was playing Barry’s game real well. Tazer is real deal Holyfied, but now the “Hickey back, Pelech packs” assumption is up in the air for me.

Torpedo heater addition, welcome to the good life

Team Shop Fisherman Jersey

Most of you know me for my creative writing ability, witty yet endearing personality, and my proclivity for a fine wheat ale. But you may all be shocked to find out I have a keen interest in apparel design. We had a youngin’ come through rocking a Barzal Fanatics Fisherman jersey. Exquisitely stitched, colors to perfection, name and number font absolutely spot on. With a blank Gorty of my own, I asked where he got the name and number done. I was stunned when they said the team store will do it for you. It’s a butt ton of cash and they send it out to a third party to do it, but still. “Devin, you’re the last fan left to have found this out. You’re better than this”. I know what you’re saying valued reader, but here is where my frustration lies. That name font is GOLD. Mass production for jerseys I could guess didn’t go over well, but hypothetically speaking if you wanted to design other apparel using that font how would you do it? If I had to, I would spend roughly 8 hours tracing letters off the back of pixelated game pictures until I had the whole alphabet, straightening each letter, then putting them together and waving them. That’s completely hypothetical, and absolutely did not happen to me, it’s just how I would do it if I had to. So to discover someone out there has that font stock ready to cut would frustrate me greatly HAD I gone through all that effort previously stated, which I most certainly did not.

“JT Sucks” Cringe

PLEASE hear me out on this one. I brought it up at Crokers, and I got a lot of agreements. 20 minutes later, it breaks out mildly in the corner and everyone just kind of stared at each other. It came up again Tuesday, and again a lot of nodding heads. It begins to break out in the 1st, and the Canes buried their 2nd goal on cue.

Let me introduce you to a phrase you’ll hear every day until they read your last rites: “It’s not that he left, it’s HOWWW he left”. I absolutely subscribe to that train of thought, and no one will ever understand what exactly went down, but let me put this out there. Everybody deserves their shot. I’m lucky enough to have gotten mine at Offside Tavern in December. 4 shots actually (far more if we’re counting the Jameson), and came out completely unscathed. I was so emotionally invested there, and they delivered for me. Not everyone was in that charged of an atmosphere that night, and February 28th is your chance to get what was given to me.

So I absolutely understand the pent up frustration, and I want the poison to rain down that night. That chant is PERFECT for the 28th and I’ll be screaming it with all of you. But before and after, it just feels a little too salty for a fanbase who has it’s sight on a bigger prize. I’m never gunna stop anyone from doing it, and I’m not trying to portray myself as self righteous fan of the year. I love the passion. I just feel weird when it breaks out. But trust me, on the 28th I’ll have the cannon loaded with rest of you.

This is easily my favorite 91 mod