What a night! First off absolutely awesome job by all our groups this year, it was incredible. Yesterday was National Meetup Day for the groups and we had a bunch of them going. Our Long Island meetup was down at Boss Crokers as we teamed up with Hockey Night NY and @yesmenoutfitters to put on a show for the final game of the regular season with a chance to clinch home ice. The day started with an awesome live pregame show podcast with the boys from Hockey Night NY, Sean Cuthbert and Tony Stabile. They had on special guests including myself, Mike Carver of the Isles Seat Podcast, and Christian Arnold. The show set the opening tone for the night as we all talked everything Islanders with a great crowd on hand.

From left to right Mike Carver, Bryan Larson, Sean Cuthbert, and Tony Stabile
Mike Carver, Christian Arnold, Sean Cuthbert, Tony Stabile

The bar started to fill up quickly as game time approached. $3 pints of miller, $0.40 wings, and YesMenOutfitters shirts could be seen all around. There were many familiar faces of people who have been to the meetup events in the past and there were plenty of new faces as well. It was a great time to get around and meet so many new people and reconnect with friends. As you can see from the picture below, it was extremely crowded by game time, so I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone.

Boss Crokers was jam packed on Saturday night

The game started, the sound was on, and the fans were loud. A few “Let’s go Islanders” chants broke out and every time Lehner made a big save, you could hear the fans chanting “Leh-ner!” The first period ended and the boys from Hockey Night started raffling off some prizes with the first one being a t-shirt. They ended up giving out some great prizes throughout the night including an awesome sweatshirt and authentic jersey.

The second period finally gave the fans something to cheer about as Toews made an unbelievable pass to a streaking Filppula who made sure to bury it. The crowd at Crokers went nuts and of course Devin led the crew with the “Yes yes yes” chant.

We have started a few traditions down at Boss Crokers. As Devin likes to say, “Shots for Goals”. So we continued this tradition a few minutes later with 15 shots of fireball going around.

Val Filppula would pot home another goal to put the Islanders up 2-0 halfway through the third period and you could feel the excitement in the air as home ice was just minutes away. The Islanders finally put the dagger in the coffin when Matt Martin popped the empty net goal and high fives and hugs went around!

The next few minutes were just filled with excitement and now people started to wonder what was going on in the Penguins and Hurricanes games. It was starting to look like the Hurricanes might have found a way to pass the Penguins, but they ultimately came up short. As the final seconds wound down from the game, you could hear the bar fill up with the chant “Home ice!”

What a crazy fun night it was and I would just like to give a shoutout to a bunch of people from last night:

Steve, Jaclyn, Tara, Amanda, Leah, Brian, Lisa, Joe, Jake, Scott, George, John, Mike, Sean, Tony, Peter, Elizabeth, Billy, Marissa, Devin, Dan, Frank, Ollie, Christian, Chris, Lauren, Nicole, Rob, and everyone else who came out, oh and Steve again since I forgot last time.

Finally here are some pictures from last night’s event:

Thanks to everyone who came out last night and we can’t wait to do it all again!