It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’m not talking about Christmas, I’m talking about PLAYOFFS BABY! Islesmeetup_CLT all got started during the 2016 Playoffs and unfortunately we haven’t been back since. Fast forward three years and we now have #islesmeetups groups all across the country and are packing out bars for playoff games!

We are always looking to expand because we strongly believe that no Islanders fan should watch a game alone! That is why we are happy to announce that the Boston, Queens, and Tucson groups are ready to kick off things and help show the world that Isles fans are #onlydiehards!

I am also proud to announce that our MSG Networks “Talking Isles” episode debuted after Game Two and we got a nice little introduction from Shannon Hogan. I love the way it turned out and it is a true testament to the members of the Charlotte group and all the other groups across the country. We pour our heart and soul into this team and it was nice to be recognized for it. Thank you Jay Nelson for helping get our story out and all the great work you do for our fanbase!

On a personal note, if you are a fan of music and hockey go follow The Bar Down BreakDown Podcast. Devin of Yes Men Outfitters and I talk with some of the most influential artists in the alternative music world about the crossover between the hockey and music community. It has been a blast to record and I hope you dig it! Also, make sure you pick up your playoff gear from!