Must’ve been that bad ice, eh? Though the Islanders once again didn’t strike first, they were able to end the game with a nice little bow. While the Penguins were busy flopping on defense, Eberle was showing us what it means to be in playoff mode. Fair, we did allow Crosby to get a point this game but holding him to just an assist was pure joy on my end. As the game continued it felt as if I was looking into a time capsule to 1983. I mean, this is our first series sweep since then, and if any of you are my age, the first time you got to witness this level of Islanders greatness. While tonight can be full of cellying, need us not forget we are only 25% of the way. As the great Mathew Barzal said, “go home eat some dinner and wake up hungry for more.” Okay, well that might be me paraphrasing, but I think he’d agree.

So, Isles fans, let’s do just that. Enjoy this win, be loud and proud at work and school for the next few days but let’s go into the second round with this same level of energy and support for our boys. I am proud to write this post from one of our newest locations; Tucson, Arizona. #islesmeetup is showing this college basketball town what is means to be a part of the #onlydiehards family.

On a quick personal note, I want to give a huge thank you for the #islesmeetup family for welcoming me and Tucson with open arms. There are truly Islanders fans everywhere and I am beyond grateful to bring those in the Tucson area together. Make sure to follow all of our meet up pages on social media to stay up to date on all your Islanders news. As always #YesYesYes your hearts out.